Thoughts From The Streets


In the busy road of Kathmandu, I spotted a little boy no more than 5 years old, crying on the streets. I stood and watched while the world around me continued to roll on like a film tape. Rolled in dust, he appeared to be dragging his little sister, around 2, towards a pile of street trash, in search for food. As immune as everyone was to this sight, I couldn’t get used to it.

Sitting on the temple steps, I watched while the two shared a corn on the cob, while the flies and street dogs surrounded their presence. They did not seem to mind the flies hovering over them or the dogs chewing the other end of their food. They simple fed each other and looked for more food.

Once in a while, the little boy would chew some food and feed the chewed food to his sister. Sometimes they would lick wrappers, and chew on orange peels and banana peels with no hope of finding real food.

Everyone was so busy with their lives, that they did not even give a second glance at the two kids.


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