Bucket List :)

1. Go on a Europe tour

2. Go skinny dipping

3. Make a blog


4. Photoshoot with a professional photographer

5. Print my own magazine

6. Get a 4.0 on my GPA


7. Learn to fly a plane

8. Go on a zipline

9. Go Bunjy jumping

10. Visit the Pyramid of Giza

11. Go to Dubai

12. Go to the Superbowl

13. Go to New York City


14. Volunteer in a foreign country

15. Di sect an animal


16. Be in a music video

17. Be a part of a dance crew

18. Go crowd surfing

19. Milk a cow

20. Experience an earthquake

21. Work as a writer


22. Get poems published

23. Learn to play the guitar

24. Meet the president

25. Attend a Bon Fire


26. Swim with the dolphines

27. See a broadway production in New York City

28. Have a VIP pass to see a celebrity

29. Go on a cruise

30. Host a party

31. Sneak out all night

32. Talk on stage

33. Have palm read


34. Create a bucket list


35. Ride a horse

36. Donate blood

37. Go on a road trip across the US.

38. Adopt a child

39. Save someone’s life

40. Construct a house

41. Go snorkeling at the Great Reef

42. Write a book

43. Own a pet

44. Take salsa classes

45. Be a foreign exchange student

46. Fly on a helicopter


47. Go to a costume party

48. Go camping


49. Eat an exotic animal

50. Go sand surfing

51. Be a part of a fashion show

52. Perform in front of a crowd

53. Be a guy for a day


54. Design my own dress

55. Stop biting my nails

56. Ride an elephant

57. Make a video about certain part of my life

58. Give someone a make over


59. Be on the news

60. Throw someone a surprise party


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