15k Marathon Training

I will be running the Too Hot to Handle race in July 10, 2016 in Dallas, Texas! 

In high school I was a sprinter. Long distance was so boring and tedious. I couldn’t get through a mile without a little anger and encouragement. Queen Bee came clutch with  “Run the World” which helped with both of those things. Every time I passed boys I would mutter “boy don’t even try to touch me.” That way, none of those b***** could fade me. Then I’d think “Boy I was playing, hope you still like me.” But long story short, I have never enjoyed running long distance. So to enjoy and prepare for my 15k, I did some research and found some resources and ideas that will help me train. I just started training this week! If you’d like to train for a half marathon, these are some super helpful tips! 


  1. Race dateSince I’m a beginner, it was important to train for a race in advance. I gave myself at least 8 weeks to train. 
  2. Do the following things after picking the date/race:
    • Download Nike Plus & Nike Training Club Nike Plus is a great app to help you train for the race. On the main menu, under “Coach”, you can pick many races to train for. It has daily training listed out for the number of days before the race. On top of that, Nike Plus tracks the number of miles and number of minutes you ran, which makes it easier to input those numbers into the training requirements. This app is a great way to be on check for the race. 
    • IMG_2177
      • Nike Training Club is an app which offers workouts for different levels (beginner, intermediate, advance). It’s a useful tool to train for the half marathon. I use this app on Cross-Train days of my 15k. There are variety of workouts to choose from. It lists out what part of the body the work out will target, how long it will take and what materials to use. It has a video of specific workouts as well as an audio telling you what to do. It also tracks workouts you have started and completed. Great tool!
    • Make an excel calendar– It is motivating to have a picture or a visual representing your goals (at least for me it is). Make an excel calendar and type out 3 things: day/date, time, training. For each day of the week, copy down the date and the training from Nike Plus into excel. This is basically the app on paper showing the bigger picture. You can color code it for each week and make it pretty. Print it out and tape it somewhere you can see everyday. I taped mine on my bathroom mirror, my desk and my planner. 
    • Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 12.13.17 AM
  3.  Spice up your run:
    • Get some friends to train together for the race
    • Pick 3-4 different routes to run on. Running the same route can be boring. 
    • Take a photo after every day of training or every week and journal your journey for the half marathon
    • Make a blog or a vlog to document your training
    • I love running on different trails and changing my environment. So every time I’m somewhere new, I take a photo of the new place and journal it
    • IMG_2174-2.JPG
  4. Treat yourself! – You can treat yourself with a cupcake from Sprinkles or pazookies from BJ’s. Or…just pig out at a Korean Grill.  
    • IMG_2032.JPG


Those are some resources and tips I use for my training. Hopefully it’s helpful for others wanting to run the 15k or any other marathons. RUN ON!




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