First Week of College: Reinert Experience

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7th floor, looking out into the sketchy highways of Saint Louis. Broken windows and rundown buildings gleaming in the morning sun. The headlights of the trains darting Reinhert hall in the dark night. This has been my home for the last week, room 708 in Reinhart hall on the 7th floor.
Despite the ratchet and extremely strange events around the city, Reinhert hall has people I will never forget. I mean that in the most unsentimental way. These people are literally the strangest of its kinds. I’ve met very interesting people; from girls that do their nails 3 times a day to guys that runaway when pretty girls ask him to hangout on a Friday night. Extremely strange right?
I met a wise man that ones said “We know you’ll drink, you’re in college. But let us know if anything happens. I’ve cleaned enough puke in my life to deal with you.” He’s a little young to be a father, but Will has comforted me with his fatherly words. Although our communication is limited to text messages (that’s the communication I have with my dad anyway), he never fails to disappoint me with his answers to my never ending questions.
To top it all off, being labeled “The trap house floor” has really highlighted our family. It makes me proud to humbly say “Yes, we are 7R” every time someone asks “You’re the floor that has the trap house?” Aside from all the trap house and trap queen jokes, we also set high standards for being caught throwing the first party on the floor, 10 minutes into the party. We have left behind a great legacy of having the shortest party in the halls.
Isolated from campus, passing Shell gas station with drunk and unusual people to get to classes was an everyday thing. Every time I walk past Shell and cross 3 cross lights couple times a day, I pray to God, I get hit by a car. Crazy? No, logical. You see, Saint Louis University costs roughly $60,000 a year. Staying away from mediocre means of making money, like hitting the corner or donating plasma, I proudly say, my idea is quite creative. It already costs an arm and a leg to attend this college, so why not endure a few scrapes and bruises keeping both arm and a leg, and have college paid for.
Although I’ve sounded like a brat throughout this article, I love SLU. Looking out of the other side of our hall, there is a beautiful view of the rest of campus, with sprawling green grass, numerous water fountains, and bare naked statues located around campus. From a large mirror in the hallway, the picture perfect Arch stands strong and beautifully day and night. The shell gas station isn’t quite that bad. It is very convenient when in need of food, especially because its opens 24/7. And the isolation from the rest of campus isn’t too bad either. It allows us to escape the chaos. It also helps us avoid freshmen 15. Couple miles a day is doable. First week at SLU has been quite the experience.


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