Things We Say We’ll do, But Never Do

  1. Eat Healthy- Yeah, we all have a phase where we revolve around salads and smoothies but when exams hit or that cute boy doesn’t text back right away, stress eating takes over.
  2. Laundry- let’s be honest, who does laundry unless all your panties are in the wash, or there is a date with a cute boy that night.
  3. Work out- If you don’t see drastic weight loss or abs within a week, gym is a waste of time.
  4. Wake up early- Unless you’re extremely hungry, to the point where your stomach is making noises and disrupting your sleep, you’re not getting up.
  5. Make home made lunch- This happens for a slight second in the mind of a bored potential healthy person, but never in reality.
  6. Throw out old makeup- Seriously, that 3 shades dark Mac foundation and empty lip gloss might come in handy, someday, right?
  7. Clean out closet- You might have a walk in closet with 500 different outfits, but you’ll always wear the same 5 shirts and 2 jeans. And maybe you’re waiting to loose 10 pounds to fit back into you’re size 0 jeans from pre-squat days.
  8. Dress nice- why dress nice when you have t-shirts, leggings and riding boots. I guess the less you show, the more you leave them to wonder, right?
  9. Save money- what money? Exactly. You either buy food or buy clothes. Money is NOT for saving, it’s best not to make an effort to try.
  10. Avoid guys- A cute text has you flattered and possibly wanting more. So why avoid a perfectly good opportunity to feel like the HOTTEST girl alive?

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