My Spring Favorites (trends)

These are items I would wear for spring. Most of them are trends and others are well….Just some stuff I really like!


Pastel jeans– Perfect colors for the Spring season. Could be paired with a plain white v neck for a casual look.

Black and white– Huge trend for 2013! quick tip: vertical stripes makes you appear taller!

Coral– One of my favorite colors! You can never go wrong with coral for Spring. With that, I’m really into open back and collar tops for spring to show off my feminine side đŸ˜‰

Skater skirts– Super cute, you can seriously pair these skirts with any top! They are very flattering with some heels!

Hi- low skirt– This has been a trend since last year, but they are still around! The only down side to this is, you can’t pair this up with many tops. The best way I’ve seen them paired is with a bustier top or a cropped corset top….

Which brings me to my next favorite item!

Bustiers– They come in black, white, corset style, cropped tops, leather tops…they have so many different varieties of these available! You can pair them with high waisted shorts, bodycon skirts, hi- low skirts, skater skirts, high waisted jeans…basically anything. To show less skin, I prefer wearing a high waisted bottom because bustiers are cropped tops!



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