Connecticut Elementary School Massacre

Today I type as my vision blurs with tears, with anger, with sympathy towards the parents that do not have what they once called a complete family. I can’t even imagine the nightmare, the frustration they felt with the news. I sit here nervously shaking; fearing what else there is to come.

Innocent children, teachers that tried protecting them, once with no faults have been taken away from this world. Looking at my parents, my brother I hold their hands feeling more grateful than ever.

My tears drop, one after the other as I wipe them with my fingers trying to digest the situation. Little kids, with missing teeth, barely starting their lives, did not get the chance to step into future. They did not get to see their birthdays, graduation or their future. This is upsetting considering they were innocent. It’s a mystery what faults they had in this situation.

I am angered. I want to open my hearts and join hands with those who lost their loved once in the massacre and with the once who survived.

Hold your loved once closer, because you never know if you’ll see them tomorrow.


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