Top 10 ways to burn calories (being lazy)

Many people like you and me try to find different diets and make an attempt to go to the gym when it is clearly impossible for us.

However studies have shown easier ways to burn calories. Just for us lazy folks who are searching up “Easy ways to burn calories,” it is possible!

These are the top 10 on my list.

1. Take Vitamin D


-Vitamin D is also a hormone that plays different roles in body processes. Having the right amount of Vitamin D balances the body, and releases leptin, which conveys a message to your brain to stop eating. Eating less with satisfaction

Also when there is enough Vitamin D in the blood cells, fat cells slow their efforts to make and store fat.

2. Drink Coffee

-caffiene increases the rate at which you burn calories

3. Sleeping!

-When you sleep less, your body wants to consume more. It craves for extra energy like fat and sugar. 

4. Eat throughout the day

-Eating small portions throughout the day, balances your blood sugar levels, prevents metabolism crash, prevents nutritional imbalance and decreases calorie intakes. It powers you up with energy each time.

5. Laugh 😀

-Laughing 10-15 minutes a day can increase energy consumption by 10-40 calories a day.

6. Eat Breakfast 

-Eating early prevents “starvation eating,” and also jump starts your metabolism. 

7. Don’t eat late at night

-Eating late interrupts your sleep and can cause you to skip breakfast (which is an important mean of the day).

8. Drink lots of water

-Drinking lots of water increases metabolic rates up to 30%! Drinking it throughout the day keeps you from craving the sugar and fat.

9. Carry a snack

-Again eating throughout the day helps your body balance. Frequently eating snacks keeps your metabolism up.

10. Relax, don’t stress!

-Stressing only causes the body to release cortisol, which causes more fat to be stored. Mostly in the abdomen.


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