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Down Syndrome Does Not Stop Laila


When you see someone with Down Syndrome, do you ever wonder why they turned out to be the way they are. What caused them to stand out in the crowd? How their bodies function differently?

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21 (Trisomy 21). Having an extra copy of chromosome, means that each gene may be producing more protein product than normal. This results into development disorders such as physical challenges, learning challenges and distinct facial features.

I met someone two days ago, when I was helping out at the food pantry. Her name was Laila (she did not want her real name used). She was born with Down Syndrome, and my interest in the disease motivated me to ask her a few questions.

“I like helping,” Laila said picking up a tomato soup can. “One day, I will need it too,” she continued.

Laila, 13 year old girl has been volunteering at the food pantry since she was 7. Every two weeks, her grandmother brings her to the pantry for 3 hours. Laila tells me her inspiration is Terasa. When I asked her grandmother who Laila was talking about, she answered “Mother Terasa.”

Laila has inspired me a great deal! To see a young girl with a passion for helping others, and not letting anything, even a disorder get between that, is a great inspiration!


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