DIY: Paris Shorts



DIY: Paris Shorts!


*Paris fabric (or any fabric you like)





*Fabric glue (it is quicker and easier to use fabric glue instead of sewing all sides of the fabric to the shorts)

*Other “glam” materials (buttons, ribbons, lace)


1. Lay the shorts out flat and measure how much of the shorts surface you want to cover with the fabric

( In mine, I covered the whole left area)

2. Cut out the amount of fabric you measured

4. Sew with same or similar colored thread all around the area ( You could glue it on, with fabric glue)

5. Flip it over, and measure the pocket area of the shorts with the same fabric or different depending on how you want your shots to look like

6. Cut out the amount of fabric you measured

7. Sew it around the pocket or glue it on

8. Add studs and other decorative items to “glam” your shorts (optional)



1. Do not over do the areas where you have your fabric, with buttons and studs. Try to work on the other side instead.

2. I find fabric glue a lot easier then sewing the fabric on.

3. Trim the sides of the fabric before you measure it on your shorts so long threads aren’t sticking out of them.






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