DIY Stool of Cards


Stool Of Cards!


1. Stool

2. Cards

3. Black tape/Duck tape

4. Transparent tape


1. Start taping down the cards on the stool, with a transparent tape. Don’t hesitate to overlap and bend the cards on the sides. Make sure the cards cover the whole surface of the stool on the top.

2. Fold the cards, horizontally or vertically, depending on the length and the width of the leg of the stool. Then tape each the cards on each leg of the stool.

3. Take a black/duck tape and tape around the stool, on the edges. Then, tape between each card on the leg, make sure the tape goes around  all the way.

4. Decorate the top of the stool if you choose to



Duck tape works the best

Colorful tape brings out the cards and the designs

laminating the top of the stool gets rid of bumpy imbalance of the cards




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