ANA Dance Competition!

Early, on June 29th , my alarm went off at 8:30 am. Wiping my eyes, half asleep I got ready for a three hour drive to Dallas.

            After we picked up my friend Akanshya, we headed down I-35. The drive felt a lot longer than I thought, even though I dozed off next to my brother.

            I was awake by the time our car was parked in front of Double Tree Hotel. I rushed out, feeling the Dallas heat pushing me down to the pavement. As I entered the hotel, the cool AC washed away my sleep and took me to room 1007 on the 10th floor.

            One and a half hour after our arrival at the hotel, we headed down the street to Hilton Anatole Hotel.

            The 29th was a big day for me, and it felt so unreal to show up on stage, in front of judges and families. Competing in ANA (the association of Nepalese in Americas), the largest convention which lasts, 3-4 days every year in different states, was a huge deal! People come from many different places to attend this convention. The 3-4 day convention includes Cultural Show, Supernova (talent show), Fashion Extravaganza, DJ Night and much more.

            My friend, and I were contestant number 5, waiting behind Supriya Contestant number 4. Backstage, my knees ached, my heart jumped with a mixture of fear and excitement.

            As Supriya stepped off stage, my legs were numb as I stepped on the stairs that lead to the stage. Standing, waiting for the music to play was a longest 15 seconds of my life! Numb legs and shaky hands did not help much either!

            As the music started playing, everything went blank. I only started realizing where we were and feeling the excitement rise inside me was towards the end of the music. Knowing this, I made the last 30 seconds of the dance the best I have ever done, with a big smile.

            We did not win, however I was so happy with all the effort we put into the dance, four months of practice, and performing for ANA. I have my parents to thank for the amazing support they provided us with, for them to attend my performance, three hours from home, brought a big smile to my face. I specially thank my mom, for driving all around the city, trying to find the perfect clothing and jewelry for our dance. It was her who worked harder than us.

            Meeting new people, reuniting with old faces and spending time with those people was another fun part of ANA. This event was far most the best part of my summer.ImageImageImage


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