Beside you…

Beside you, I stand, feeling like I’m at the top of the world; Aroused at the feeling of your presence.

Under your arms, you take me, keeping me close to your heart; Giving me memories I can never forget.

Never have I felt this way, but with you, I dissolve where I stand; Such feelings you’ve welcomed in me.

Jittery feelings, shivers up my spine, with just a touch keeps me waiting; For more of you in my life.

Anxious, my eyes dart for you like headlights in a dark night; Patiently, waiting for you to show up.

Main part of my life, you have been, stuck with me for all these months; You’re mine and all mine.

Inspecting every part of me, smiling your irresistible smile; you keep me wanting more and more.

No words describes what we have, Amazed I Stand next to you feeling like I’m the queen in your world.


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