Austin Kids’ Banner Project

Austin Kids’ Banner Project

by Shreya Dahal

April 1, 2012- AUSTIN–Shreya Dahal, age 15, and her companion, Akanshya Kadariya,
age 16, started on an idea that attracted many eyes on April 21st, 2012 at the Nepali
New Year’s party.

The two dedicated individuals set a goal– by the 21st they would finish a banner to put
up at the New Years’ Party.  
The ladies got to work, raising $125, assembling a team of kids from around the block
to make an amazing banner representing Nepal. Swayambhu Temple, Pasupati Naath,
Himalayan Mountains, Kumari and the Nepali flag are some of the symbolic figures on
the banner. 9 yards of memories and hard work everyone put into the project reflects in
the banner.

“I painted the sky pretty blue”, said Nishta Timilsina, age 4, whose mother also
expressed pride at her daughter’s enthusiasm.

Not only was this a fun project, but it required a lot of late nights for the two girls.
Everyone contributed their own ideas and welcomed new ones. The end product
dropped jaws from many who viewed the banner.

This project not only brought out a great finished product, it also created bonds, fostered
perseverance, and provided an example of encouragements for the little ones.

Every Saturday and Sunday, 15 to 18 kids participated to paint the banner, some
young as three.  “Parents were great supporters, financially and emotionally”, said
Akanshya. “Donations for paint brushes and the banner helped us continue what we
were doing”.

The banner which signifies the importance of Nepal to each person magnifies its value
to the community. When we questioned the kids, “What does Nepal mean to you?”,they
pointed at the banner they were painting. Every participant left behind their handprints
under the banner that represented their hard work.

This was a successful project for the Nepali Children’s Community in Austin.

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