First Week of College: Reinert Experience

7th floor, looking out into the sketchy highways of Saint Louis. Broken windows and rundown buildings gleaming in the morning sun. The headlights of the trains darting Reinhert hall in the dark night. This has been my home for the last week, room 708 in Reinhart hall on the 7th floor. Despite the ratchet and extremely strange events around the city, Reinhert hall has people … Continue reading First Week of College: Reinert Experience

After Work Coffee Runs

Our afterwork coffee runs, with wine glasses, lavender tea and leftover briskit crumbs. Our 3am trips to the suspension bridge, full moon, deep talks and cold winds to make us cringe. Early morning breakfast dates, with Jason’s special crepes, hard coffee and empty plates. Last minute Bon fires, with hot dogs, melted ice cream and rescuing your stuck tires. Kayaking in the empty lake, hammock … Continue reading After Work Coffee Runs